Jay La Photography
Jay La Photography
Your super fun, candid and down-to-earth wedding memories capturing specialist guy!

Terms + Conditions


By purchasing and/or receiving products and/or services from Jay La Photography (JLP), You agree to be bound by these terms and conditions of use.

JLP hereby grants You a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the photographs made under this agreement (without the right to sub-license) solely for the use specified below.

  • You consent to the Event being photographed as specified in writing and that you are authorised to provide such consent and to enter into this agreement;

  • You have obtained all necessary consents and permissions to permit JLP to photograph the Event, including from the venue owner and all persons attending the Event;‍‍‍

  • JLP is the sole and exclusive owner of copyright in the photographs made under this agreement;

  • JLP may use and reproduce the photographs made under this agreement without your further consent or approval including but not limited to the following: use in marketing collateral including in print format, on the JLP website and/or social media, and/or for the purposes of promoting JLP;

  • JLP may use, but is not obliged to use, the name and logo of the Event and/or your name in connection with its use of the photographs made under this agreement;

  • JLP is released from any claims by You in connection with your use of the photographs made under this agreement, or the content of those photographs;

  • You may use the photographs made under this agreement only for the permitted use described below provided at all times that JLP is credited as the copyright owner of the photographs and Jay La is credited as the photographer, and will refrain from the excluded use described below unless you have first obtained the prior written consent of JLP, and;

  • You will indemnify JLP for all claims, damages and actions in connection.

Permitted Use

  • Corporate marketing use, including on social media and internal corporate use

  • Published for editorial, non-commercial use (for example, submission to a newspaper or website)

  • Entry into contests and competitions as long as the terms do not require copyright assignment

  • Images may be backed up

Excluded Use

  • Images may not be scanned, replicated (except for normal backup), reproduced or altered outside of permitted use

  • Images may not be sold or distributed on a commercial basis

  • Images with a watermark notice may not have them removed

  • Any other use that is not a permitted use is excluded

This agreement contains the entire agreement and understanding between You and JLP relating to the provision of the photographs. If any clause of the agreement should be determined to be unenforceable by any reason, it shall be deleted and the remaining terms and conditions shall remain binding and enforceable.

Last Revised: 29 March 2019